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Meet Pavel

pavel Meet Pavel. A young man from Poland, who’s just arrived to London with an aim to find here a well-paid job.
Pavel requires to find a suitable employment within nearest weeks, as his current budget is limited. But first Pavel needs a roof. Although he knows some people in London, he doesn’t feel that he could stay at their place.
Hotels are expensive. The quality of shared accommodation varies greatly, and it would require signing a long-term contract, plus paying some rent upfront along with a deposit. Also Pavel does not know yet where in London he would find a job, and is not willing to be committed geographically at this stage as his future travel expenses might be high.
Luckily while still being in Poland Pavel found out about Nemo’s budget accommodation. He booked a room in advance initially for one week, planning to extend it if necessary. As Nemo’s price is not higher than a price of a room in a shared flat, Pavel can even stay with Nemo for months. He can also re-locate to another Nemo’s branch closer to his future work place. And there is no long-term contract, neither deposits.
As Pavel plans to spend most of his days out, he is not bothered by the size of the cabin, as soon as the place is clean, has some basic facilities and most importantly it’s not expensive.