Small investment opportunities in the UK

Are you looking for an independent passive income?
How about small investment opportunities investment in a product that is in a huge demand?

Stay at nemo – a chain of cheap London hotels

Do you know that just from 24 pounds a night you can stay at your individual room in Central London? Yes, from 24 pounds! Hi, my name is Marin – founder of Nemo Hotel.

Meet Luise

Meet Louise. She lives in Brighton and works in London, so she has to commute by train every weekday.Occasionally Louise finishes her work late, or she has a late night out in London, missing her train home. In those cases Louise had to ask her London based friends if she could stay with them over night…

Meet Steven

Steven is a Londoner. Just till recently he lived with his family in their flat. Few days ago Steven broke up with his wife, and had to move somewhere out.He knew about local Nemo branch, so he decided to stay there for a week or two, before he makes his mind on his future…

Meet Sergey and Elena

Meet Sergey and Elena from Russia. These guys have recently got married, and while they don’t have children they want to travel and explore the world. London was on their list and they wanted to spend a couple of weeks sightseeing here…

Meet Pavel

Meet Pavel. A young man from Poland, who’s just arrived to London with an aim to find here a well-paid job. Pavel requires to find a suitable employment within nearest weeks, as his current budget is limited. But first Pavel needs a roof. Although he knows some people in London…