All our hotels contain information on how to reach us from the nearest airport, railroad, or tube station. Please check on our website.
    Our support team is available 24/7 at our video communication stands at the hotels, as well as online.
    Children of any age can stay at the hotel as long as they are accompanied by an adult. An adult is considered to be those aged 18 years and above.
    You have to be 18 years old or above.
    Nemo hotels do not provide car-parking services.
    Smoking is not permitted. Nemo has a strict non-smoking policy within all parts of its hotels.
    It is possible to simply turn up at Nemo Hotel on the day if we have rooms available. However, it's less risky and you will get the best prices if you book in advance.
    Hairdryers and irons are available in many of our hotel receptions. Please see the specific hotel page for more information. Kettles are not available in our rooms, however our hotels have many cafes and restaurants in the nearby vicinity.
    Hairdryers are available in lavatories. There are iron corners sets up in each Nemo Hotel.
    We also provide fully equipped kitchens, and self-service laundries where our customers can cook, and wash, as they would normally do it at home, reducing their costs of living.
    We do not have meeting rooms in our hotels.
    Most of our hotels located on the ground, or the mezzanine floor, so we do not have lifts/elevators; however, there are luggage ramps installed shall you need to go to another floor level.
    We only accept guide dogs. And this is free of charge.
    You can make a complaint by sending us a message to [email protected]. To allow us handling your complaint better please always include your first and last name, email, hotel name, stay dates and reservation number when possible. We aim to get back to our customers within two working days after receiving the complaint.
    We have single cabins for single occupancy, twin, captain twin, and studios for double occupancy. More information about our room types you can find on our website (page «Rooms & Flats»)
    A room that can accommodate up to 4 guests is usually called a family room. Nemo Hotel doesn’t have this kind of accommodation. For a family, we suggest taking two or more separate rooms that might be located next to each other (subject to their availability). Depending on a number of people you could book a combination of rooms: one twin, and one single cabin; or two twins; or a twin and a studio; or even two studios. Please do not hesitate to contact us shall you need any help in choosing the right option for your family or your group of friends.
    Yes these are included in your room purchase.
    Rooms are cleaned prior to arrival and every second day of your stay.
    Yes, you can book this room type without any disability, subject to its availability.
    The shared economy is in the heart of Nemo’s concept. It allows us to bring real value to our customers. Letting other people in will inevitably put additional pressure on common facilities that are meant for our guests (lavatories, kitchens, possibly even laundries and iron corners). That will be unfair to the rest of our customers, as each hotel is specifically designed for a particular number of people. That’s why we do not allow non-guests to enter into Nemo’s properties.
    Yes, subject to its availability.
    Yes, our common lavatories, and en-suite bathrooms have gel soap dispensers.
    Individual bookings can only be made on the Nemo Hotel website.
    Yes, you can log into your Nemo Hotel account from the homepage of the Nemo Hotel website. You will be asked to enter the email address used when registering and your chosen password.
    If you have not received a confirmation number or a confirmation email, please check your spam inbox first, make sure that you entered the correct email address, if you still can't find your booking, then it is likely that your booking has not been processed. Please login to your Nemo Hotel account to check if your reservation has in fact been made.
    We ask you to register your details with us in order for us to manage your booking/s now and in the future as well as enabling you to access your booking details at any time. You can register when you make your first booking with us.
    Should you need an invoice, please use the confirmation email that you receive upon making your booking.
    If you wish to amend your booking, please contact [email protected].
    To extend your stay, you are required to make a new booking.
    You can cancel or amend your booking prior to 28 days of your scheduled arrival date by notifying us via our website by selecting Cancel a booking. You cannot cancel a booking after this time.
    Yes, you can. The guest must bring with them the confirmation and a valid piece of photo ID.
    Group bookings can't be made in the same way as individual bookings on the Nemo Hotel website. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to make a group booking.
    Please contact [email protected] to inform us of your plans and to amend your booking; otherwise, our no show policy will apply.
    Guests can check-in at any time after 3pm up until 10am the next morning, which is the check-out time.
    Guests need to check out by 10am on the departure date. You might be able to extend your stay at an additional cost (a late check out by 13:00), but it is a subject to our rooms’ availability. A late check out can be purchased online or directly at the hotel at its self-checking desk.
    Check-in is from 15:00. An early check-in can be purchased at our hotels. Once you have selected your room type when making a booking you will be offered some additional add-on features.
    Customers are able to check-in any time after 15:00 up until 10am the next morning, which is the check out time. Our support team is available 24/7.
    The price is for the room and not per person.
    Yes. Nemo-hotel.com is a secure site, so all the details entered as part of your booking are stored safely.
    The earlier you book, the less you pay and periods of high demand cost more than less popular ones. Prices will generally increase, as you get closer to your date of stay. For the best deals, book early and try to be flexible when you travel (staying in London in July is more popular than February; staying on a Saturday night is more popular than on Sunday).
    We do not accept cash payments; all payments must be made by card.
    Please use this help centre to contact individual hotels. You will need to "submit a request" using our help widget on the website. We aim to respond to all non-urgent queries within 12 hours.
    To keep prices down, we operate the Nemo Hotel business entirely through the web. Please contact the hotel using the help widget on the website.
    To keep prices down, we operate Nemo Hotel business entirely through the web.
    The whole Nemo’s super-budget concept is designed to allow our guests to avoid their unnecessary speeding. That’s why we don’t have restaurants on the side. Instead, we offer fully equipped kitchens, where our guests can cook for themselves if they wish to. At least they can always heat up, or fix their ready-made meals, bought in nearby shops. There are vending machines available at our receptions with snacks and cold drinks. There are kettles available. We also provide tea backs, instant coffee, sugar and milk. And there are many cafes and restaurants in the nearby vicinity, which offer discounts to our guests.
    Our primary focus is to provide low-cost accommodation, so we don’t offer breakfast. But instead, there are fully equipped kitchens available in our hotels to allow our guests to make breakfast themselves. Alternatively, there are vending machines to purchase snacks, cold and hot drinks. Also, there are many restaurants and coffee shops in the surrounding areas within a 3-minute walk.
    Yes - we have luggage storage available at each of our hotels. Please note that luggage storage comes at an additional cost. This can be booked online or at the hotel reception.
    Yes - we have luggage storage available at each of our hotels. Please note that luggage storage comes at an additional cost. This can be booked online or at the hotel reception.