You see london…


Invest in nemo – the best investment in the UK

We crowdfund a brand new super-budget accommodation chain in London called Nemo Hotel. Our products include low-cost rooms and flats for short and mid term stay.
Such super budget accommodation is the most demanded product on the biggest market in Western Europe. London is starving for affordable housing, and we see here a huge potential – a giant gold mine! That is the best investment in the UK! Join us! Co-own it! Set up your life long passive income now!



We’ve developed a true people’s product. Nemo is not a classical hotel, but a hybrid that combines all the advantages of ordinary hotels and shared flats. Nemo Hotel provides branded low-cost short & mid-term rented accommodation, and it is designed for ordinary people with a limited budget.

Super budget price


The lowest prices for individual rooms in London!

Elegant & exotic


Designed as elegant submarines with exotic sceneries outside their windows.

High quality


High quality, clean and comfortable accommodation with very friendly service.

Convenient locations


Great locations! Always less than 2 minutes walk from a station.

Short & long stay


A night, a week, a year. Long-term rent is available at a very competitive price.

Free to use kitchens


Free to use kitchens with necessary cooking facilities.

Washing machines


Washing machines, tumble dryers & irons are available 24/7.

Free wi-fi


Free high speed WI-FI in all rooms!


Being designed for ordinary people, Nemo Hotel also provides small investment opportunities for ordinary people to benefit greatly from co-owning the business. With an expected annualised Net return above 30%, flexible exit strategy, and a low investment threshold of £150 we believe Nemo is an attractive proposition for a large number of small-scale investors.

Created for ordinary people


Nemo hotel was created for ordinary people as a super budget short & mid term stay accommodation in London.

Owned by ordinary people


Nemo hotel is crowd funded by ordinary people, who co-own the chain. Nemo has a very democratic ownership scheme.

Square feet investment


You can buy as many square feet in Nemo Hotel as you want, starting just from £150 per square foot, with a very flexible exit strategy.

Designed to thrive in a low margin environment, nemo hotel has much greater potential for delivering higher profits for its shareholders compared to ordinary budget hotels. The sheer scale of a demand for affordable accommodation opens huge opportunities for nemo’s rapid expansion in london and other big cities across the globe.




The expected annualised return on investment is over 30% (Net).



Create your life long passive income flow from fully manageable hands-off investment.



No any additional charges of fees, you only pay for the amount of square feet whatever you see upfront.



Investments are secured by way of debentures on London property – the most demanded asset in the world.


You may have some savings in the bank that frankly do not give you a good return. They are even decreasing in value every single day in real terms. Investing in Nemo Hotel you could get a substantial life-long passive income that might become a foundation for your financial freedom. Start earning now!


  • Investments start from £150+;
  • Dividends paid quarterly;
  • Zero running costs.
0%100%200%300%400%20 лет500%600%

Expected total average annualised return on investments

Nemo Hotel 30%+ (Net)

£ 12

Buy to Let 4%

£ 5

Bank deposit 2%

£ 2

Our mission is to deliver a truly affordable branded accommodation for ordinary people on a mass scale, also allowing a large number of ordinary people to benefit greatly from co-owning the business.


You see London… a big, crowded city, Where housing is too expensive, and demand for affordable roofs is too high… We see an opportunity for filling a giant market gap…. A huge gold mine - which people can profit from. We crowd-fund a brand new super budget accommodation chain in London – called Nemo Hotel. This is a revolutionary product aimed at providing good quality affordable stay for many. Nemo – is not a classical hotel, but a hybrid that combines all the advantages of ordinary hotels and shared flats. Being low cost doesn’t necessary mean being dull: our hotels are brightly decorated as elegant Captain’s Nemo submarine, and they are great fun to stay at. A number of brilliant ideas were implemented for dropping the hotel’s building and operating costs, which allows us not only to provide truly super budget accommodation for our customers, but also to bring great profit for our shareholders. Nemo hotel was created for ordinary people and it is crowd-funded and owned by ordinary people. It has a very democratic ownership scheme, and you don’t need to be rich to co-own Nemo, as you can invest as much or as little as you want. That is the best investment in the London’s property market, as Nemo Hotel has a tremendous financial upside and might provide a lifelong passive income for its shareholders. There is no need to travel thousands of miles to find fabulous treasures, as they are right here just under your feet… At Nemo we see London as a huge gold mine ready for exploration. It’s just about to be launched. Join us! Get involved and profit from the truly revolutionary product that has been long awaited by millions!

What is the best investment strategy in the UK after the Brexit?

How to invest in British real estate after leaving the EU?

What will be Property Prices in London, and the rest of the country, and where to invest your savings? A prediction on property prices in London could generate its basis on two scenarios. The forecasting on the valuation of the property could either be under a deal or without any agreement. There is a high expectation for prices of houses in London to stabilize by the end of last quarter in 2019 if the exit occurs with a deal. This might bring a broad range of small investment opportunities in the UK real estate market. Prices of properties in London will rise by a small margin in 2020 if the exit occurs with an agreement. On the contrary, the departure of Britain from the European Union without an agreement implies a fall on property prices between the range of 5.4% and 7.5% in 2020 (KPMG, 2019). And then the question arises – what is the best investment in the UK for private investors, who used to buy property to get a healthy return on their savings?

Where can I earn a high return on my investments?

An analysis of property prices in the past three years informs the current decision. The trend of property prices in London indicates a stagnation since 2016. The yearly growth in the value of houses slows down to 0.9% in June 2019, which is a further drop from a rate of 8.2% in the past three years (KPMG, 2019). The negative change is due to uncertainties arising from Brexit that makes it challenging to earn high return on investments. Slow growth is welcome by people buying property for the first time in London due to declining prices of properties. However, people who usually invest in real estate now are taking a cautionary approach to their best investment strategies due to the impending Brexit issue. The worst-case for precautionary buyers will be if Britain leaves the European Union with a deal since prices of property will be higher than if Britain leaves without an agreement by the end of 2020.

Do you still want to invest in real estate in London?

The first scenario of Brexit occurring with a deal by the set deadline at the end of October would only bring a minimal impact on the economy of the United Kingdom. In that regard, property prices in London will reduce by 4.7% by the end of the last quarter in 2019. And this is not good news for private investors who only invest in real estate in London. A general forecast on entire property prices in Britain indicates a fall of 0.1% in 2019. The analysis shows that the costs will be most adverse in Britain’s capital by the end of 2019. There is a further expectation of a drop of 0.2% in 2020 (KPMG, 2019). The two figures imply that property prices in London will still not attain a full recovery by the end of 2020. Some people argue that the best investment strategy for people looking for small investment opportunities in the UK in the nearest future would be buying government bonds.

A range of small investment opportunities

Exit without a deal still brings the most detrimental effect on property prices in London. The local economy in Britain will be under siege, and this will spread to the costs of properties. The prices of houses will fall by 4.8% by the end of 2019, and there is a further expectation of 7.0% by the end of 2020. London market will experience the most significant blow due to its reliance on trading activities of the European Union. Average prices of property in London in case the exit occurs with a deal will be 453,000 pounds, while a no-deal departure would cause prices of property to average at 422,000 pounds by the end of 2020 (KPMG, 2019). For cash buyers, this outcome will bring many small investment opportunities. Analysis of price expectations in entire Britain reveals that London will have the highest property prices in both scenarios.

Where to invest in turbulent times?

But what suggestions could be made for people willing to deploy their savings now? Where to invest their money in 2019 and 2020? A no-deal exit is attributable to lower prices in London’s property market in contrast to a retreat with a deal due to the inability of the former to control a critical factor that drives the market. Notably, an exit without a deal will lack control over the stock of regional housing, which would somewhat boost the property prices. Further, there is an expectation that investors in the housing sector will reduce the supply of new houses in London to avoid making losses in their investments in the short term (KPMG, 2019). Conclusively, both scenarios will cause a decline in property prices in London in 2020. Therefore, investors must wait until 2022 to check trends of property prices in the city. Most of the market experts agree that units’ type of investment in commercial property will be less affected by the decline. One of the best investment approaches might be buying student accommodation pots. Also, it is still a good idea to buy hotel room in London for a period of five to ten years. That will allow you to wait through the turbulent times.