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The demand – property investment in London

With an average price of £142 per night London’s hotels offer services to quite wealthy customers. A great number of visitors cannot afford ordinary hotels and are forced to stay on a private rented market, that has been notorious for its low quality.
The demand for hotels at a price below £45 a night, several times exceeds the need of anything above. Nemo is the only hotel in London that is designed to provide good quality branded accommodation at a real low price.



London's hotels price range

The demand for affordable accommodation in london is measured in billions of pounds. We’ve started a company to provide such accommodation for many, allowing many others to profit from that greatly. It could become your door to life-long financial freedom.
Join us, invest in nemo!


Nemo Hotel is specifically designed to operate in a lowmargin environment. Every single consideration has been made to reduce its costs significantly, and still to provide modern, comfortable, clean and convenient accommodation at truly budget prices. Compared to ordinary hotels Nemo offers only those services that we believe ordinary people are willing to pay for. The six following key provisions were taken to reduce Nemo’s prices:

Discounted premises


Our inside-facing concept allows us to use premises that wouldn’t be suitable for most of the other businesses.

Smaller rooms


With design-led mini cabins of as little as 3.5m2, we can fit up to 350% more rooms than traditional hotels.

Shared facilities


The majority of our rooms have shared bathroom units. There are shared kitchens and laundries too.

No car parks


As a true super budget hotel – Nemo is designed for guests, the majority of whom don't have cars in London.

Less staff


We use new technologies to reduce the number of our staff to the absolute minimum. We outsource the majority of our services.

Direct sales


Our uniqueness allows us to build great awareness of our services among our target audience group, to use direct marketing channels.

Better than shared flats

For years rooms in so-called “houses of multiple occupation” on a private rented market have been the cheapest accommodation option in London. This segment has been entirely dominated by small private landlords, the overwhelming majority of whom have only one property to rent out. This is a huge, but very segmented sector, with no clear standards, and notorious for its low quality and ineffectiveness. We believe that using our innovative approach, and the economy of scale Nemo Hotel can provide better quality services than private landlords, and yet at the same price level. There are several key points that differ Nemo Hotel from private landlords:

High quality


Our hotels are carefully designed, brightly decorated and well equipped. They provide comfortable and clean accommodation.

Clear standards


All Nemo’s services are highly standardised, and all its premises have the exact specifications regardless of its branches locations.

No minimum stay


There is no minimum stay, and Nemo’s customers can stay for a night or for a year, and anything in between.

No deposits


Neither deposits nor prepayments are required at Nemo, as we operate on “pay as you go” basis.

Always well located


As the majority of our guests use public transport, we always locate our branches within very close proximity to underground stations.

24/7 security


Our hotels are equipped with multi-level security systems with CCTV cameras, panic buttons, and emergency response teams on stand-by.

Nemo Hotel is designed for numerous customers, who can not afford to stay in ordinary hotels, but who would like to enjoy a better quality accommodation, at a price that they currently pay for shared rooms the on private rented market, or for beds in hostels.

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Look at the UK property investment

Although the UK buy to let make had some adverse changes recently, there are still a number of advantages in property investments in Britain.

The demand for affordable rental properties nation-wide and especially in London is snowballing, providing a strong flood of tenants. Such demand significantly overweights the latest changes in landlords’ taxation, adverse amendments in legislation, and property prices increase.

Talking about the current opportunities in the UK buy-to-let market, I would personally place it as the best property market in the whole world. It is true whether you are searching where to invest small amount of money in the UK, or you’ve got millions to deploy.

Louise D.

How do property investments work? Choosing a location for your first buy-to-let property

If you wish to bring your property investments to a professional level and to become a full-time investor, it is vital to know in advance who will be your tenants, and what are their needs. That knowledge will help you to buy rental properties that is the most suitable for your targeted tenants’ group. For instance, if you plan to rent out an accommodation (a house, or a flat) to a family with small kids then you have to choose a quiet area, somewhere close to a school or a nursery, and maybe a park or a playground. If you target international students, then you have to consider areas close to large universities or colleagues, or to a transport link within a short travel distance to such institutions.

It might look obvious, but it is missed by so many first time landlords, who implicitly choose a property that they personally would prefer for themselves.

The successful investors are those who know how to invest in property by identifying their targeted tenants’ groups needs, and placing their primary focus on suitable locations. Some amateur investors, who still didn’t understand how property investment works, try to buy assets away from city centres, and busy locations, justifying this by the fact that such remote properties are cheaper. But if you look at a broader picture, you will see some advantages that offset the higher price purchase price. When you consider a higher rental income with most likely a higher rental yield, higher tenants demand, better liquidity of your assets (shall you decide to sell it), potential to turn your flat or home into House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), you might find that this option is often a better choice. That factor has to be also taken into account by inexperienced fractional property owners when they are looking for a location where to invest small amount of money in the UK through one of the property crowdfunding platforms.

Samira V.

How to start property investment with minimum risks?

Investing your hard-worked money into a business with no clarity of this venture’s outcome forces you to question yourself: “How can I get high return from property investments and take no risks?” When I was considering a way of getting started as a buy-to-let landlord, I had a very clear idea of how to reach my financial goals quickly. But I was not fully aware that although these activities were maybe greatly rewarding, there were numerous risks involved. Well, of course it wasn’t as risky as online stocks trading, or Forex speculations, but the eventual success was not guaranteed at all. If you are contemplating how to start property investment with the highest degree of certainty, it is critical to get an experienced partner, who already have made some successful buy-to-let investments in the UK.

George P.

Choose your buy-to-let property investment management strategy

The boom time for the buy-to-let market has been gone; however, still, there are thousands of private landlords around how to make such property investments in London and the UK. Such a strategy is a long term game and probably will not fit for those who are looking for opportunities on how to become a property millionaire overnight. However, with the right funding behind, it still can prove to be quite successful.

The best property investment needs a good operational strategy. That will allow you to take the right direction on a way of increasing your returns on your investments to the practically possible maximum. A management strategy is an essential aspect of your buy-to-let property investment in the UK.

Before you make a purchase - ask your self: “is this property a good investment for me personally?”: whether I can do this property management on my own, or I will be able to use a management company to looks after it. The property management fees sometimes may exceed a profit that your asset can bring. Especially it is true when you use one of these well-known estate agents.

Simon R.

Become a member of investors’ community

If you want to learn how to become a property millionaire, you have to become a member of a community of like-minded people.

Property investment in the UK might be very rewarding. Many people built their alternative pension programmes for their retirements; some created their life-long passive incomes. However, such activities involve a high degree of different risks. For those people who have just begun and looking for ways to invest money into the property, I would suggest following investment strategies of already established property investors. Today there are tons of information available on this subject: one can read related literature, attend seminars, watch video presentations, or become a member of a specialised social group. The property investment community is massive in the UK, and there are many good people out there who will be happy to help and support you.

Loren A.

Learn how to boost property value

An expectation of a property price appreciation is a substantial part of any property investments. Ask yourself: “How I can increase the value of my property?”. Yes, when you make property investment, there are ways to boost your asset value apart of general market conditions that are outside your control. If you have a substantial budget, you can undertake one of the following works:

Split a house into small flats, extend your building, convert your seller or a loft into a bedroom, enlarge living space with a conservatory.

Relatively inexpensive, you can eliminate damp issues, improve an existing heating system, make a lovely garden, replace windows, apply for a planning persimmon to extend or re-build your house, get an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) licence, or simply paint and re-decorate indoor space. This is especially effective for old buildings, where any improvement can play a substantial role to boost property value.

Peter R.

How to make passive income from property investment in the area you know?

As a property investor, I am constantly bombarded by different offers from property agents around the world. I’ve been offered properties in the US, continental Europe, Caribbeans, Emirates, etc. - the countries that I have no idea about. Now my question is: “How someone in a sound mind makes large long term investments in something that he or she hardly understand?” Ok, even if you want to invest small amount in property - it’s doesn’t matter, unless you don’t care about the outcome.

I live in London where property prices are the highest in the country, with rental yields probably the smallest ones. Still, yet when it comes to the long term property investment strategy, London, in my opinion, will always outperform other parts of the UK, due to its higher liquidity and the more robust fundamentals.

If you think to start UK property investment in 2020, 2021, 2022 and even beyond, I would strongly advise you to focus locally. Try to find opportunities around you. Look for investment opportunities in the area you know and understand well. There are higher chances that you will make better decisions, and you will more likely succeed.

Ok, maybe my advice will not teach you how to become a property millionaire, but hopefully, you will start searching now how to make passive income from property investment in your area.

Louise R.

Learn about different property investment strategies in the UK

I consider myself as a seasoned property investor and had a lot of ups and downs throughout my career. I have made many silly mistakes, especially at the beginning. At that time, I only had limited resources and could afford only a small amount to invest in property. I simply wanted to become a full-time investor, and to make passive income.

If I had to start now, I would do it differently. I would learn all the details involved with property investment, including legal, tax, and marketing sides of it, and I will develop my personal investment strategy for the nearest 20 years.

With a buy-to-let business, there are many good property investment strategies in the market today. Many industry’s gurus are running free seminars and are publishing their books that cover all issues in the property market today. When you already have some theoretical knowledge, it is much easier to come up with a solid long-term plan that suits your personal needs and circumstances.

Mike K.

What should I know before starting UK property investment?

This is true for everything: if you want to successes in something, you have to understand what you are doing. I don’t think that the UK buy to let market is less risky than a property investment somewhere else. There are plenty of things that you have to consider before you invest in the UK’s bricks and mortar now-days. There are economical, demographical, legal, tax aspects that have to be taking into account before you start placing your funds. The main issues are always in the details. Investing in property UK market can offer might be a challenge for amateurs. The fact that you live in the UK doesn’t mean that you understand the industry. There are plenty of foreign investors here who are more successful than locals. And this is not only true for large scale projects but also crowdfunding and fractional property ownership.

Sarah W.

Study the subject well

For those who want to know how property investment works, I would suggest attending some related seminars. Today there are plenty of opportunities around us to learn the subject from the industry professionals before we even start. Read the books, study youtube videos, speak to experienced property investors.

Also, do not putt all your eggs in one basket - try to diversify your property portfolio. Do not place the bulk of your resources in one investment product (such as a classical buy-to-let in London, and other large UK cities), but allocate some money along with your alternative property investment strategy. It might be some collective investments schemes in student accommodation, or retirement homes, or parking slots. I would personally buy a hotel room somewhere in the UK, along with my main buy to let investment). Of course, your plans will depend on the amount of money available, and if it is relatively small - I would suggest investing instead in some fractional ownership schemes.

Michael J.

Shall I buy an off-plan property as an investment?

What is an off-plan purchase? When you buy a property that has not been built yet. Your property might be still in the development or even planning stages. When I ask myself: “Shall I invest in an off-plan property?”. I take into consideration the particular risks factors, as such transaction might look more lucrative in terms of lower costs, newly built quality, and possible higher capital gains. However, such purchase can carry substantial uncertainties. Not surprising that off-plan investments are more popular among seasoned investors, who are know - how property investment works, and confident with such uncertainties.

If I were on a stage when I was trying to understand how can I buy my first investment property on a limited budget in relation to risk premium balance I would definitely consider starting investing in rental properties on their off-plan stage.

Peter H.

Choosing your right investment strategy

You don’t have to be as intelligent as Einstein to discover how to become a property millionaire!

Thousands of people already managed to master the subject of property investment in the UK recently: it is not so difficult as one might imagine. You just study the subject well enough and then follow your common sense.

One of the common mistakes that beginners make is not contemplating taxation into their budgets. You have to make sure that you reserve necessary funds for paying your stamp duty even before bought any property, as it might be a substantial amount on a tope of your purchase (up to 10% of a purchase price).

There are also some exemptions available please check the government’s website for more detail (

You also have to allocate substantial resources for paying your capital gain tax when you eventually sell your property ( For instance, you pay your capital gain tax when selling your property (commercial premises, buy-to-let property, and land). Some amateur property investors completely disregard these costs when planning their transactions.

Some people question themselves: “is property a good investment if my profit will be taxed heavily?”

Of course, if you are looking where to invest small amount of money in the UK, and your purchase budget together with a mortgage is below £125K, there will be no stamp duty tax. The good thing is that nowadays that free information is abundant, and one who wants to know how to start investing in rental properties UK market can offer can easily get all the necessary answers in a couple of hours.

I would personally suggest starting your search from the government’s official websites: There are also property investments calculators that automatically factor taxation into account.

Barbara L.

Is Buy-to-Let a good way to Invest in Property in London?

Buy-to-Let in London still remains a widespread strategy for numerous local landlords. Such activities probably will not make you a millionaire overnight, but can provide a substantial monthly income when an investment is made right. Increased demand for rental accommodation along with relative simplicity of the business will keep it popular who don’t know where to invest 2020, 2021, 2022 in the UK, and for years to come.

Simon A.

How to start investing in rental properties ethically?

When someone hears about the way how can I buy cheap buy to let property in London, they question the ethic behind my approach.

They think that I take advantage of people in vulnerable situations, and I can understand how it might look like. The property market is tough, and you need to compete fiercely - and this is how property investment market works.

And I am absolutely sure that there are investors in the UK who know how to get cheap buy to let property by taking advantage of motivated sellers. But this is not for me. I am sure that if I come to a deal ethically, and I will be straight forward with the seller, and if I find a right balance of all parties involved, then I offer an excellent service and provide a helpful solution to their current problem.

I understand that there are plenty of people in the who are searching where to invest small amount of money in the UK and to buy their first asset to start their property business. But when you deal with a motivated seller, observe his or her best interests all the time. First of all, you have to find a way to help this person who is in a difficult situation. And when you help those people, you stand out of the crowd.

Whenever I am about to buy a property from someone, I make sure that I am offering the best possible option to the seller.

Kevin B.



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