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Stay at nemo – budget hotel in london

Nemo Hotel is a developer, owner, and operator of a chain of branded super budget hotels in London. We base our model on “no frills approach” offering our guests contemporary, but basic modern accommodation facilities , focusing only on providing necessities, rather than “luxuries” that in most cases people are just forced to pay for. Nemo – a true super budget hotel in London!



Low price

Nemo Hotel provides high quality hotel rooms at a price of a room in a shared flat. This is the lowest price option of having a private room in London - a true cheap stay in London.

High standards

At Nemo Hotel all rooms are well heated air-conditioned and spotlessly clean. There is the same standard in rooms’ quality, regardless of their location, and despite being cheap London hotel.

Home comfort

Staying at Nemo, our clients will have the comfort like being at home, as we provide fully equipped kitchens, washing machines, tumble dryers, as well as ironing facilities that are available at any time.

Bright and stylish

Our interiors are designed as cruise ships. Well-lightened and bright with sunny and exotic sceneries outside the windows, regardless of the weather. You can easily imagine yourself being on a cruise ship approaching an exotic island.

Providing necessities

Like any other hotel, we provide linen, blankets, pillows, towels, soap, shampoo, and so on.

Flexible terms

There is no minimum term, as our guests can stay at Nemo for either just 1 night or any other period up to a year. Unlike renting a private flat, our guests do not need to provide references, sign up a contract or leave a deposit.

Safe and secure

All our hotels are equipped with CCTV control and emergency buttons. There are built-in safes in every room for customers’ valuable items.

Free Wi-Fi

There is free high speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotels (that is still not common in most of the other places).


We designed our hotels in a way that we believe would be appealing to our guests, turning our rooms into cruise ship looking cabins with exotic views outside their illuminators.


Super budget price


The lowest prices for individual rooms in London!

Elegant & exotic


Designed as elegant submarines with exotic sceneries outside their windows.

High quality


High quality, clean and comfortable accommodation with very friendly service.

Convenient locations


Great locations! Always a short walking distance from public transport.

Short & long stay


A night, a week, a year. Long-term stay is available at a very competitive price.

Free to use kitchens


Free to use kitchens with necessary cooking facilities.

Washing machines


Washing machines, tumble dryers & irons are available 24/7.

Free wi-fi


Free high speed WI-FI in all rooms!



Nemo Hotel is a developer and operator of a super budget hotel chain in London. With the lowest prices on the market – Nemo is a star of cheap London hotels. Currently, we are exclusively focused on London’s market with a plan to build a portfolio of up to 1’000 units within 5 years. We love London, and we are very passionate about bringing to the market truly affordable, high quality accommodation. We believe that our innovative and smart approach will allow us to build up to a double the number of rooms than any other hotel on a site development. With design-led mini cabins of as little as 3.5m2, we can fit up to 100% more rooms than traditional hotels, unlocking previously impossible sites and achieving a higher revenue per m2 than most of our competitors. To be competitive among cheap London hotels we focus on conversion of already existing properties (mainly office and retail buildings) rather than newly built. At Nemo we also optimize property space through the construction of “inside facing” units for our hotel rooms. Although these rooms do not have real windows, they are full of light, as we install artificial windows (illuminators) with exotic sunny sceneries that turn our hotel rooms into cruise ship looking cabins. We believe that our customers are willing to accept this concept rather than pay higher priced rooms elsewhere, especially that most of our customers are out and about during daytime and only back at night. Being a budget hotel in London we don’t offer food and beverages (apart of on-site vending machines), but instead we provide all necessary kitchen facilities for our customers, so they can cook food themselves in order to reduce their costs of living. Alternatively they can always order take-away meals from numerous local restaurants. Introducing online bookings only, self check-in/outs, automatic service kiosks and luggage storages, as well as CCTV control and management functioned from our main operational center, we bring down the number of staff necessary for running our hotels. We believe that using innovative operational approach, minimized building conversion costs, reduced units’ sizes and direct online distribution Nemo Hotel is able to achieve significant savings when providing its super budget accommodation in London. These savings are passed on to our customers, bringing down the price of our hotel rooms below the price of the majority of hotels in London. All the above-mentioned measures allow Nemo to offer cheap stay in London – well below £30 a night.


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