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We target price-sensitive London’s short & mid-term visitors, most of whom would prefer not to pay for expensive hotels with lots of unnecessary luxuries which are built into their prices. Such hotels usually come with an unused room space kept vacant for most of the day. Our approach allows us to serve customers who would typically stay in hostels, or at their friends' places.

We believe that our model fits perfectly into the lifestyle of numerous customers, especially to the “young & single” segment, many of whom are foreigners, newly arrived job seekers, temporary workers, and students.


We believe that our model fits perfectly into the lifestyle of numerous customers, especially to the “young & single” segment, many of whom are foreigners, newly arrived job seekers, temporary workers, and students. The majority of these people are socially active and usually keep a busy lifestyle: they spend most of their time out, and mainly require a place to sleep with shower and cloth washing facilities. We target price-sensitive London’s short and mid-term visitors, most of whom would prefer not to pay for expensive hotels with lots of unnecessary luxuries which are built into their prices. Such hotels usually come with an unused room space kept vacant for the most of the day. Our approach allows us to serve customers who would normally stay in hostels, or with their friends. We designed our hotels in a way that we believed would be appealing for our guests. Although at this moment we are still in the process of launching our first hotels, we already received some feedback on our “soon to start” hotel chain from our potential customers. This might give some ideas of what our audience wants. There are some representative testimonials below.



Nemo Hotel cheap accommodation for students

I am an overseas student, and I need to come to London twice a year for passing my exams. Getting a cheap place to stay in London has always been a hassle, as my university does not provide student accommodation. Hotels are expensive – actually, there are no cheap hotels in London; hostels are too crowded to study at night. A hotel providing comfortable single accommodation with study desks at a low price will definitely be very much in demand in London.

Yuanhang (China)


Nemo Hotel Jonathan on cheap hotel rooms in London

I work for a bank and commute to London every day. Sometimes I work long hours or I go out at night, and have to stay at my friends’ places, as hotels are quite expensive. Cheap hotels London do not exist. When you open your affordable hotel, I will use it when I stay in London overnight, and small size of your rooms will not be a problem.

Jonathan (UK, Brighton)


Nemo Hotel Ana on short stay apartments london

I visit my friend in London regularly. Although I stay at my friend’s flat, I would prefer to have my own place, as her apartment is too small. Hotels in London usually are costly, unless you find rare London hotel deals. I will be happy to see a real low-coster. I wouldn’t mind sharing toilet facilities as long as I have my private room. At your price level, I would stay in one of your hotels.

Ana (Poland)


Nemo Hotel –Bojana - budget hotels in London

I run my own business and visit London on pretty much a regular basis. London can be very expensive, and there are no many choices for decent but affordable accommodation. So, I will be happy to stay at your budget hotel in London when you open it.

Bojana (Slovenia)


 Nemo Hotel guests about on London hotel deals

I am really looking forward to the opening of your cheap hotel in London, as I am pretty often here, and cannot afford to pay fortunes charged by other hotels. It’s not possible to find a room in a shared house for just a few days in London. As I am out most of the day, I will not be too bothered by the small size of your units..

Patrick (Ireland)


Nemo Hotel guests on cheap hotels London

I am planning to move to London and find a good job here. As I do not have a place to stay at the beginning, so I would need to stay in a hotel for few days, until I find a suitable room in a shared house. Hotels are too expensive in London, especially for me, as I have been jobless for the last 7 months. If I could stay at your cheap hotel I would save a lot.

Luigi (Italy)


 Nemo Hotel – Sarah – cheap room in London

Finding a clean and comfortable accommodation in London at an affordable price has always been a problem. It would be very convenient to have kitchen facilities and washing machines. I will stay at Nemo when you are open. ☺

Sarah (UK, Leeds)



As an overseas student, I can say, that cheap student accommodation is always in high demand in here. Cheap hotel rooms in London will be a good solution for those who didn’t find a place in dormitories. I believe that at your price level you will have your hotels being always overbooked. My fellow students and I will certainly stay with you.

Sergey (Russia)


Nemo Hotel guests on hostel or cheap hotel on London

I came to London for a week to participate in an art exhibition. Hotels here are even more expensive than in Tokyo. I was trying to find London hotel deals. I would be happy to stay in a capsule hotel that is so popular in my country, but I did not find any of them here. So, I will stay at your cabins next time I am here.

Ayako (Japan)

The hotel is designed to meet the needs of ordinary people, and it is owned by ordinary people, who crowdfunded Nemo. You can become Nemo’s co-owner too, investing in it as much or as little as you want. A profit form Nemo’s operations might bring you a substantial passive income for many years to come.*

*Currently this investment opportunity is only available for certain types of qualified investors.


Nemo Hotel is founded by true enthusiasts who are committed to bringing really affordable accommodation to the UK. With our product designed to meet the needs of ordinary people, we want these ordinary people to become co-owners of Nemo Hotel*. Currently, we are raising funding for our branches in London. We strongly believe that our business will not only benefit our customers but will also bring an excellent return on investments to our shareholders. Please, visit our “Invest in Nemo” page for more details.

* Currently, this investment opportunity is only available for certain types of qualified investors. You can check our current investment availability criteria on our registration page.

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Visiting London, and looking for London hotel deals

Being in London as a tourist

London is the most visited city on earth. It attracts millions of tourists every year. It is very strange, but many Londoners never considered how lucky they are living just a short walk away from the most famous attractions in the world. So, I would like to share some of my favourite, lesser-known hotspots around London, making valuable suggestions for getting bargains on London hotel deals. Also, I invited some other Londoners – the people I know, to share their thoughts on this subject below. There will almost certainly be something you have not thought of, but probably, you should if you have some spare time. Being in London, you might have a walk around its canals, getting lost in London's parks, visiting Harry Potter film locations. There are some places that other fellow Londoners and I are happy to share with visitors about one of the greatest cities in the world. I also invited Londoners to share their insides on how to find a cheap room for rent London offers today.

Helen W.

Budget hotels London vs rooms for rent on Airbnb

Just a few years ago, you would need to go to an online booking platform – www.booking.com to find a cheap place to stay in London, but nowadays there is a vast range for choices, including www.airbnb.com. This online booking system has revolutionised the way we travel today. Airbnb allows you not only to find good London hotel deals but also to rent a room at somebody’s flat or home. Now travellers have broadened their options for funding budget accommodation in London, as well as in other major cities on earth. The hotels’ monopoly is over. Along with the growth of air flight discounters in Europe and the USA, it gave an opportunity to millions of people on low income to travel around the world. The hotel industry is also transforming, bringing new concepts for hosting its guests more efficiently and cheaper. As an example, there is a brand-new super budget hotel chain is just about to be launched in London and the UK, called Nemo Hotel. I believe that very soon, Nemo’s rooms will be a strong competitor to Airbnb’s products. 

Steven L.

A Little Venice just from £60 per night at a budget hotel in London

My favourite places in London are Little Venice and the Spitalfields Market.
The first one is an area around Paddington Arm and the Regent’s Canal. It is a beautiful place with lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants, such as Café La Ville and Waterside Café. It is a peaceful oasis, where you can relax and meet artistic people. This is an expensive neighbourhood, with a rich history. I guess tourists can find in Paddington area some budget hotels in London within £60 - £70 per night for a single room.
Spitalfields Market is situated in the East End of London, it hosts a trendy melting pot of independent traders, bringing together a wide range of artists. If you are looking for a souvenir a little more unique than is sold on Oxford street, then Spitalfields market is a wonderful place to visit, with handcrafted and original artworks. Starting life almost a thousand years ago, this place has always kept up with the times. The Market has always been an attraction for young tourists, and this area has a number of budget B&B, guests houses, hostels, and dormitories. If you still haven’t found a cheap place to stay in London, you might find one in East London, near the Spitalfields Market, as they are usually offered at much lower prices compared to other parts of London. You might get a very budget accommodation (rooms for rent style) by staying at somebody’s place in through Airbnb booking.

Raj B.


Budget hotels in London at Paddington, Chelsea, Marble Arch

Cheap London B&Bbs, and hostels near Paddington station

From Spitalfields Market, there is a short walk distance to Warwick Avenue tube station, and with Paddington Station is only two miles away. There are residential homes, cafes, bars, and you will also have an option to ride some of the canal’s boats. It might not be Venice, but it certainly would not feel like the British capital anymore. You will see here lines of London’s cheap nice hotels, hostels, students’ dormitories, and cheap bed and breakfast (B&B), that are privately owned and not a part of any chains. There are also some well-known affordable places including Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel, YHA London Central Hostel, Barkston rooms – Hostel and Wombat's the City Hostel London.
These places certainly have their own characters. You could walk further down to Marble Arch, and High Park Corner, although it might take you an hour (depending on your pace). At the same time, sightseeing buses are an excellent way to cover lots of ground quickly. Arguably, London will always be best discovered on foot. There are numerous tour guided walks throughout the city and most of which are free. You can follow some tours on Google’s map. Over the years, I have been on the Ghost Walks, Historical Walks, Jack the Ripper Walks, and a Harry Potter Film Locations Walk. It depends on where you stay, as cheap hotels in London are quite far from the main city’s attractions. But again, it is possible to book a nice four-star place at a lower rate if you hung for deals on London hotels.

Peter H.

From my budget hotel in London near Paddington on Harry Patter walk

Yes, I took an online free guided walk from my pretty low budget hotel in London near Paddington train station to the centre of the city. My guide talked me through the areas though to have inspired JK Rowling’s magical world. From there, I quickly went on to the original Diagon Alley and the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. There is Leadenhall Market that is a great thing to see in itself. London walks have so many different tours happening each day; there will probably be something that fits your location and interest. Even on this Harry Potter Walk, there was lots of extra London history included, and it helped me notice all the little details that go into making a 2000-year-old town.

Bob L.

London’s rooftop bars

After founding cheap rooms for rent in London, you might be interested in having a nice time out. Rooftop bars in London sound like a great idea, but they are often over-crowded and expensive. They also usually require an advanced booking or a long queue before you can get inside. When you are in London during the summertime, I would suggest you visit the Southbank Centre Area and Royal Festival Hall. This place was opened in 1951 for the Nation-Wide Festival of Britain. This was a post-war celebration that is still going on. The bar has a lovely balcony. And just behind the Festival Hall, away from the River Thames and therefore it is very easy to miss. If you are in this part of London and do not want to eat at a chain restaurant, I would suggest you have a quick, tasty bite from one the local take away food stalls.

Louise K.

Search London hotel deals online to find a beautiful place in Chelsea

If you were lucky at one of the London hotel deals, you might find a nice hotel at a discount price in Chelsea. Most tourists don’t know this, and usually, book their stay with bookings.com that often offers only expensive hotels in the centre. Staying at Chelsea, you are still very close to the main London’s attractions; it is just less known part of London to international visitors.
   Chelsea is a very posh and expensive area, and if you managed to stay there within a budget, you could save some money for your entertainment and shopping. You can have a walk along King’s Road, that is full of fashionable boutiques, designer shops, old-style Chelsea hotels, and high-street staples, alongside a range of eateries. The name King's Road comes from King Charles II, who used this as his private road to travel to Kew. In the 60s, it became synonymous with mod culture and miniskirts and then later with hippies and punks. The shopping boutiques are unique compare to Oxford Street shops. There is yet a mini food market here, where you can buy some tasty snacks within a budget.

Mazhar U.


Cheap rooms for rent in London: Hampstead & London Bridge City

Cheap rooms for rent London, Hampstead area

If you managed to book a cheap place to stay in London through Airbnb, or booking.com you will make substantial savings, that you might want to use to cover your entertaining. I used “Room share London” online platform to find an inexpensive room to rent in a small flat near Oxford street. From there I took a direct bus to Hampstead and enjoyed the scenery of central London through an upper deck window. Hampstead Heath is so lovely. Upon exiting Hampstead Tube Station, you are immediately welcomed with this quaint English neighbourhood vibe. Wandering around its numerous streets, passageways, side streets, alleys and other things that all mean the same, you can spend a good hour or two just having a walk there. Eventually, I’ve got to Hampstead Heath itself. Along the way, I enjoyed a view of beautiful multimillion mansions. There are also some old-fashion Bed & Breakfast places, where you can get relatively cheap rooms for rent in London for a short stay. Some of these places you will not be able to book online, as you need to call them to place your booking. You indeed will not find these places on these mainstream London hotel deals websites. Walking through Hampstead Heath is probably the furthest away from London that you will feel while still being in the centre of the British capital. Once trees surround you, it is easy to forget that there are millions of people just beyond this greenery. A trip to Hampstead is not complete without reaching to the top of Parliament Hill. From that point, you will get the best view of the entire city. You can feel how huge London is, and yes, it is the biggest cities in Western Europe. During summer months, If the weather is good, you can end your visit with a short swim in a Hampstead Heath pond.

Jasmin O.

My favourite museums in central London

Talking about London’s famous museums, I would suggest The Natural History Museum.
It opened in 1759, and it was the first public museum in the world. Entry is free, and that is why it probably helps to keep high attendance. The museum offers a collection of relics from all over the world, with the actual Rosetta Stone being one of its many highlights. If you are near London Bridge, then visit the Hay's Galleria. The Galleria reveals itself beautifully when coming from Tooley Street. The assortment of shops, cafes, budget hotels, and restaurants, is often quiet oases. Heading Sough, you will be met with some great views of the City of London, and the HMS Belfast, a Second World War Battleship which acts as a Floating Museum.

Richard S.

Staying at London Bridge City

Walking from Trafalgar square along the rive Themes further East will bring you to an open area known as More London or London Bridge City. Considering this is a place for large law firms, and the City Hall, it is a pretty vast area, with great events happening regularly. There are many famous chain restaurants like Gaucho, Strada, Pret-a-Manager, Eat.
At More London, you can take the best photo of the famous Tower Bridge. There is a long narrow path lined with modern glass offices leading you to the London Bridge underground and train stations.
I love how the design of this street is made, when one side points towards the Shard (the UK's tallest building), while the other side points directly to Tower Bridge’ station. Although this area is still the first transport zone, and literally a centre of the city, you can find there some cheap hotels in London too. In a residential area, you even can rent a room at somebody’s home. Most of these rooms to rent can be booked through the Airbnb website. There are also a growing number of local online booking platforms that were built to help find cheap accommodation for a short stay in London, and this might be very handy for students and young people visiting London as tourists.