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All Nemo’s rooms and studious are shaped as elegant cruise ship cabins. They are bright and stylish with fantastic views outside their portholes. The cabins’ clever design allows us to use even modest space with great efficiency. A good balance was placed between individuals’ private area and shared common facilities that helps us to reduce our costs and to pass significant savings to our customers. All our units come for single and double occupancy.


Nemo single cabins

This unit is for a single occupancy. Despite its modest size it is greatly designed to provide a comfortable stay at the most economic price. Each unit is equipped with a set of fold-out furniture, including a single bed, a study desk and a bench. This cabin also has the floor to ceiling wardrobe. There are two artificial windows (wall and ceiling illuminators) that provide fantastic views and bring to the room a lot of light. All units are air-conditioned, with flat TVs and free Wi-Fi. Single cabins do not come with en-suite facilities and guests use shared toilets & showers, that are conveniently located along the corridor. Beddings and towels are provided free of charge. Kitchens (galleys) with basic facilities and all necessary utensils are free to use at any time, as well as washing machines and irons, although the last ones for a small fee. A single cabin has an internal size of 3,5M2. Our single room - is the cheapest hotel room in London.

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Nemo twin cabins

Twin cabin is specially designed to provide a comfortable stay for 2 people. The cabin has double-bunk beds, where the lower bed can be easily transformed into a table with 2 seats, and the upper bed can be folded up during the daytime. There is a floor to ceiling wardrobe that provides plenty of storage room for 2 people. Two illuminators open fantastic views and bring to the cabin plenty of light. All units have free Wi-Fi, flat TVs, and air-conditioners. Twin cabins do not have en-suite facilities and guests share bathroom facilities with others. There is a number of shared bathrooms conveniently located along the corridor. Towels and beddings are provided free of charge. Our guests are welcomed to use shared kitchens (galleys) at any time and free of charge. Washing machines with tumble dryers and irons can be used at any time for a small fee. The average internal size of our twin cabins is 4,5M2. A double room at Nemo Hotel - probably the cheapest hotel accommodation in London per person.

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Nemo captain's twins

Our captain’s cabin is a twin room with its own en-suite. Designed for a comfortable stay of 2 people it has double-bunk beds. The upper bed can be easily folded up, and the lower bed could be simply turned into a table with 2 seats by its sites. There is a wonderful view in the illuminators, and there is plenty of light in the room. The floor to ceiling wardrobe is big enough to proved storage for people. The cabins are fit with flat TVs and air-conditioners, and there is a free Wi-Fi. Towels and beddings are provided and guests are free to use our shared kitchens at any time. Washing machines with tumble dryers and irons can be used at a small price. The average internal size of our Captain’s twin is 5,6 M2. This unit still being one of the cheapest hotel rooms in London while proving the great comfort and privacy.

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Nemo studios

Nemo’s studios are self-contained flats with in-built toilets, showers, and small kitchenettes. All flats are decorated as cruise ship cabins with sunny sceneries behind their windows. Flats are clean, bright and stylish. Despite studios’ moderate size of 12,5M2 they are very comfortable and efficient. All flats have the same design and specification with space-saving furniture installed (fold-out sofas, kitchen and coffee tables). The kitchenettes are equipped with small cookers, microwaves, hoods, and fridges. All necessary utensils are provided for 2 people, as well as small washing machines, irons and flat screen TVs. All apartments are air-conditioned, with free Wi-Fi, bed linen, and towels. These are the cheapest flats in London that you can rent just for one night or any other period as you wish. There is no contract or references required, and all utilities are already included in the price. These are the real flats rented with a convenience of staying in the hotel at a price of a hostel. Nemo’s studios are probably the cheapest studio flats in London available for a short and mid term stay.

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We target the most price-sensitive customers, who rather would not pay for expensive hotels with lots of unnecessary extras including unused rooms’ space too.

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We’ve developed a true people’s product. Nemo is not a classical hotel, but a hybrid that combines all the advantages of ordinary hotels and shared flats. Nemo Hotel provides branded low-cost short & mid term rented accommodation, and it is designed for ordinary people with limited budget.

Super budget price


The lowest prices for individual rooms in London!

Elegant & exotic


Designed as elegant submarines with exotic sceneries outside their windows.

High quality


High quality, clean and comfortable accommodation with very friendly service.

Convenient locations


Great locations! Always less than 2 minutes walk from a station.

Short & long stay


A night, a week, a year. Long-term rent is available at a very competitive price.

Free to use kitchens


Free to use kitchens with necessary cooking facilities.

Washing machines


Washing machines, tumble dryers & irons are available 24/7.

Free wi-fi


Free high speed WI-FI in all rooms!