Nemo is a new, super-budget hotel chain in London and the UK. It is a people’s company: it provides affordable accommodation to ordinary people, and it belongs to ordinary people, who collectively own the business. You can stay at Nemo and (or) co-own it!
You can stay at Nemo and / or co-own it!


London is a great city, but staying here might be costly. Whether you came to London as a tourist, a student, or a job seeker, and need a place somewhere to stay, you might find yourself surrounded by expensive hotels, and feel being submerged below the level of affordability. Luckily there is Nemo Hotel opening in London that is designed to operate deep below under the mainstream price level, like a submarine in the sea. Nemo is a chain of branded super budget hotels, with stylish interiors of cruise ships. With “No frills” approach we provide our guests with modern, convenient, but simple accommodation. By minimising building conversion costs, reducing units’ size and using innovative operational approach Nemo Hotel achieves significant savings. These savings are passed on to our customers, bringing down the price of our rooms deep below the price of the majority of hotels in London. We offer single, double rooms and studios. We also provide kitchens, and self-service laundries where our customers can cook, and wash, as they would normally do it at home, reducing their costs of living. Basically, to stay at Nemo Hotel is like to stay in a shared flat, but on a walk-in basis, with no contacts, no references, and no landlords. Whether you need a room for a night, a month or a year, you can immediately get it at Nemo at a price of a bed in a share accommodation. Nemo Hotel – located conveniently around London, and priced deep below the mainstream level.


Super budget price


The lowest prices for individual rooms in London!

Elegant & exotic


Designed as elegant submarines with exotic sceneries outside their windows.

High quality


High quality, clean and comfortable accommodation with very friendly service.

Convenient locations


Great locations! Always a short walking distance from public transport.

Short & long stay


A night, a week, a year. Long-term stay is available at a very competitive price.

Free to use kitchens


Free to use kitchens with necessary cooking facilities.

Washing machines


Washing machines, tumble dryers & irons are available 24/7.

Free wi-fi


Free high speed WI-FI in all rooms!

We developed a revolutionary product to provide good quality affordable accommodation for many. Our hotels are designed to operate deep below under the mainstream price level, like the Captain’s Nemo submarine in the sea.

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Nemo Hotel is a new highly innovative “real affordability” brand on London’s short & mid-term accommodation market. Offering low-cost rooms and studios we take “No frills approach” providing our guests with contemporary, but basic modern accommodation facilities, where they can choose extra services only if they wish to. We believe, that such lean strategy allows us to keep prices within an easily reachable range for many people, making Nemo - number one cheap hotel in London.


We target the most price-sensitive customers, who rather would not pay for expensive hotels with lots of unnecessary extras including unused rooms’ space too. We are located conveniently around London, and priced deep below the mainstream hotels’ price level. Although we provide low-cost accommodation, we put great effort making it comfortable, stylish and efficient. Nemo Hotel – the most affordable hotel in London.


We help our guests to keep their convenient life style, as they would normally have by living at home. For example: we provide our customers with equipped kitchens, allowing them to buy their food in supermarkets and cook their own meals. Also, we provide washing machines, tumble dryers, irons, so our guests can look after themselves with no need to pay to dry cleaners. Nemo Hotel is not only the most affordable hotel that offers budget accommodation in London, but it is a new product breed designed to revolutionise the whole low-cost short & mid-term stay market in London.

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Where to stay in London on a budget?

Nemo – is a cheap hotel in London

Everyone knows that staying in Britain’s capital is a costly thing to do. A cheap hotel in London doesn’t exist, and that would surprise absolutely no one. But if you are an experienced traveller and you have done your research thoroughly, you might perform certain tricks, and sometimes find really good deals. It is possible to find where to stay in London on a budget.
You can try this well-known online booking platforms like booking.com, trivago.co.uk, or expedia.co.uk. You most definitely try to get a deal through Airbnb.com. On this site, you can rent a room or even a flat for a few days directly from property owners. Some people argue that this is the way to get the cheapest accommodation in the UK and literally in every country around the world. However, I believe that the most affordable hotel in London is the Nemo Hotel.
This is a brand-new chain created for most economical travellers, and this is the place where to stay in London on a budget.

Where to look for cheap accommodation in London?

When talking about selecting the right area in London, I would suggest South Kensington because there is a lot to see and visit here, although it is a very expensive neighbourhood. But this time I stayed near Kings’ Cross. The student accommodation of the Imperial College. It just depends on where you look for cheap accommodation in London.
During summers, when students are away, these dormitories are run as basic hotels. The place is all about minimizing your carbon footprint: the rooms are tiny. The bathrooms seem a little bit bigger than the twin bath; the shower still precisely looked the same. The place I were staying even had a window that could allow a gentle, cool breeze inside.
If you are travelling with someone and you do not want to share a bed, they have a double bed option. They have lovely bedding and the towels and has a nice sized bathroom, which is amazing. The single bedroom is really great and manageable, and it is cheaper. Another benefit of staying in Imperial student's accommodation is the fact that there is a parlour just downstairs. It is such a good place, everyone there is having a drink, having a chat, it is cool and so convenient.
Another advantage of this hotel is the access to the gym as well, and also it is in the same area as the Prince's Gardens close to Nemo Hotel in London. And this is such a good deal. Also, look how well connected this place is. You could go to the Imperial College, but you might be more interested in going to High Park as it is literally just up there. Down the road, you have a Science Museum, which pools in massive crowds. You might go to the Art museum if you are particularly artistic. And my favourite museum of all the big ones in London is probably the Natural History Museum. It is so incredible!

Nice restaurants near South Kensington station in London

Because I used to work at the Imperial College, I know this area very well. And I can definitely recommend a few restaurants in this area. There are lots of places near Nemo Hotel, along Gloucester Road, and there are plenty specifically near the South Kensington station. For those who like Thai food, there a Thai restaurant called the “Thai Square”. There are always people who are seating outside an Italian place called “Perino”. And it is great, particularly in the summer months. There is “Thombo”, that is one of the best Japanese restraints in London. Down the south end of Exhibition road, there are lots of coffee shops. There are plenty of choices for you to choose from. And there are also some individual places when they sell tea and ice-cream, and many things for snacks.

Sandra K.